Security of any kind – authentication, email security, data protection, online security, laptop security, PKI, application security and more – always works better when user intervention is not required.

Entrust developer APIs are designed to make security:

  • easier for developers to add security to applications
  • easier for administrators to deploy and manage security
  • easier for users to apply security to their digital lives

Security API for Java.

Easily build and deploy online business applications complete with flexible, modular security services, including encryption and digital signatures using X.509 managed certificates. Build interoperable Java applications, applets, or servlets that deliver secure custom applications without concern for complexities of key management or fundamental security architecture issues. Integrate cryptographic applications with multiple PKI Solutions or without a PKI.

Cryptographic APIs.

Entrust Authority™ Toolkits enable developers to rapidly deploy best-in-class security to almost any business application. the security provided by the toolkits helps developers add high-performance encryption, digital signature and strong authentication with open standards interoperability and independent security validations.


In our product development, Entrust is standards compliant, vendor interoperable and flexible. Entrust both actively participates in the standards bodies and fully implements recognized standards, participates in a number of interoperability initiatives and supports a flexible, seamless integration into a customer’s current technology architecture.

Web Services Security.

Web services tighten the integration of applications between organizations and across the Internet. The tighter the integration, the higher the need for security including: authentication, authorization and policy enforcement. Entrust delivers web services security through the Entrust Secure Transaction Platform.