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Secure socket layer (SSL) certificates create an encrypted connection between an enterprise web server and a visitor’s web browser.

This allows for private information to be transmitted without eavesdropping, tampering or forgery. Without SSL encryption, anything transmitted online — such as credit card numbers and private communications — are highly vulnerable to hackers and others with malicious intent.

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We design SSL Certificates to meet a full range of enterprise requirements. With unique features including strong encryption and browser trust, they provide enhanced security in the increasingly challenging and dangerous cyber world. No matter how many or what type of servers you have, Entrust Datacard offers the right SSL certificate for you.

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Beneficios mensurables

Full Range of Certificates

Full Range of Certificates

You can get all of the SSL certificate types you need from one source. Our offerings include basic SSL certificates, more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates and specialty certificates for secure email, code-signing, device authentication or PDF document signing.

Flexible Pooling Model

Flexible Pooling Model

Our convenient pooling model lets you select specific certificate expiry dates and re-use certificate licenses to predict costs and drive flexibility. When a certificate expires or is deactivated, the license is returned to your certificate pool for future use.

Discovery Made Easy

Discovery Made Easy

We offer a comprehensive discovery solution to help find, inventory and manage digital certificates across diverse systems and environments. By identifying and evaluating deployed digital certificates, Entrust Discovery helps you avoid compliance ramifications, costly outages and losses due to data breaches.

Optional Malware-Fighting Tools

Optional Malware-Fighting Tools

You can protect your reputation by ensuring that any malware that appears on your site is immediately detected and brought to your attention with our website security bundles. You can also choose a service that automatically removes identified malware.


SSL Certificates (9)

OV SSL Certificate Advantage

An Advantage SSL Certificate verifies identity and encrypts data for two websites, establishing trust and securing transactions.

Enterprise Certificate Management

Entrust Certificate Services is a web tool that helps you manage all of your Entrust Datacard certificates plus any SSL certificates issued by other authorities.

EV Multi Domain

Entrust EV Multi-domain SSL/TLS certificates lend the most credibility to your website, making them a great choice for website owners who need to secure two domains.


SSL privada

Entrust Datacard Private SSL Certificates enable the continued use of non-registered domain names with the same key sizes, signing algorithms, validity periods as our publicly trusted SSL certificates.

OV SSL Certificate Standard

A Standard SSL certificate validates the identity behind a website, ensuring your visitors that all information transmitted between their browser and your server is secure.

UC Multi Domain

A UC (Unified Communications) Multi-Domain SSL Certificate verifies identity and encrypts data for four domains, establishing trust and securing transactions.


A Wildcard SSL Certificate verifies identity and encrypts data for secures one domain and unlimited subdomains across an unlimited number of servers, establishing trust and securing transactions.

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Digital Signing Certificates (4)

Certificados de firma del documento

Los certificados de firma de documentos de Entrust son compatibles con firmas digitales para documentos de Adobe® y Microsoft Office® a fin de proteger documentos legalmente vinculantes.

Certificados de firma de código

Los certificados de firma de código Entrust brindan a los clientes y los usuarios la garantía necesaria de que su código o aplicación no fue alterada luego de haber sido firmado digitalmente.

Certificados de correo electrónico seguro

Los certificados de correo electrónico seguro Entrust son certificados S/MIME de confianza pública que permiten que las personas o los grupos cifren y firmen digitalmente correos electrónicos y otros documentos.

Certificados de dispositivos móviles

Use la Internet de las cosas para llevar a cabo autenticaciones y para evitar accesos no autorizados a los sistemas y las redes corporativas con certificados de dispositivos móviles Entrust.

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